Rose Littlejohn
President, Owner | R.R.L. Fine Art
Rose Littlejohn, At a Glance

When Rose Littlejohn was 12 years old, her mother was very involved in charity work and helped build St. Jude, as well as a chapel in St. Joseph's Hospital. Ms. Littlejohn was extremely curious about the attic of her historical home because her mother had four solid iron trunks up there. She started opening the trunks and found the most magnificent gray paper manuscripts that her great great grandmother acquired from other relatives that lived in Europe. The trunks contained luxury pieces that didn't get displayed, and Ms. Littlejohn decided to protect the work. Today, she has become a well-known professional in the art industry.

Throughout her illustrious career, Ms. Littlejohn lived in Europe and spent 14 years working in Paris and New York. Her varied experience and education enabled her to make wonderful contacts and excel in her career. She learned a lot about the industry from her mentor, Dali Miro Chagall David, and he helped her get in the right place and learn the ropes. As she gained experience, Ms. Littlejohn found her niche in restoration. She has restored major pieces of Goya Vatican and Rembrandt and loves seeing the work come back to life. Due to the chemicals, Ms. Littlejohn has reframed from restoration and switched her focus to gaining recognition for pieces and selling art through her own company.

Ms. Littlejohn earned a master’s degree in conservation and restoration at Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, and was named Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women in 2013-14. Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Littlejohn is charitably involved with various food banks and shelters, Policemen Benevolent Associations, Love Unlimited, and ASPCA.

Rose Littlejohn
President, Owner
R.R.L. Fine Art
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