Rose Littlejohn
President, Owner | R.R.L. Fine Art
Rose Littlejohn | President, Owner,
R.R.L. Fine Art

Rose Littlejohn is the owner and president of R.R.L. Fine Art, a fine arts provider that sells early 19th and 20th century fine art, as well as impressionist and post-impressionist art, and German expressionist sculptures. Ms. Littlejohn has 40 years experience in art collecting, consulting, and private dealing, and has garnered a strong reputation for her expertise in restoration.

In her role, Ms. Littlejohn handles everything, but only by appointment, sets up showrooms, oversees exhibitions for private clients, deals with people that have been thoroughly checked, and sells art. She attributes her success to her mother, who maintained her collection. Ms. Littlejohn was fascinated by the work and used to go all around Europe to find old papers; the ones she received were torn and had missing parts or holes, and she would dissolve, build and replace them.

In the coming years, Ms. Littlejohn plans to belong to every museum on call for any major catastrophes and help the police with stolen artifacts. She also wants to find other major works of art that are not outrageous, and help to exhibit and expose four artists. In addition, she owns about 800 art pieces that she would like to make better known.

Rose Littlejohn
President, Owner
R.R.L. Fine Art
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